by: Laura Frantz

Laura Frantz writes with such depth of feeling that the words flow off the page and into my mind’s eye with seamless ease. The fantastic word imagery paints beautiful landscapes and creates characters with such realistic ease, that you feel that you are right there in the story with them. I could almost hear the tumble of the waterfalls, the rush of the water as it flowed over rocks and heard the birds singing in the trees as the leaves softly rustled in the background.

Temp & Sion’s story isn’t an easy one to read. There is heartache, devastation, and loss. Sometimes the heartache and loss are so real you can feel it, and sometimes you may not want to see all the devastation. However, dear reader keep in mind that to write a real story you have to be true to the realities of this life, In all its messy bits it makes the tender moments of joy that much sweeter. But don’t despair, it’s not all loss and heartache, amid the backdrop of that is the tender grace and love freely given to us all.

The characters in Moonbow Night are so rich in detail and depth that it may take you several chapters to really get to know them, and understand what they are going thru. But if you stick with them, you won’t be disappointed. They will stay with you long after you’ve read the final page and closed the book and just maybe you can add to their story in your own imagination.

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