By: Tricia Goyer

A Mystery Brought Them Together.
Will Secrets Destroy Their Love?

Dive into WWII history in this well-researched story of international intrigue, heartwarming romance, and profound courage.

My Review:

This Book… WOW!   The intrigue and drama; can I just say that once this story starts you better hold on because it moves.  This is a book where you will want minimal distractions, because you won’t be able to focus well on other tasks.  You may even start looking at your co-workers wondering “hmmm… that behavior is odd, they may be a spy”.  (hahaha)   In all seriousness, this really is a great story, with lots of detail and fantastic characters.

I have to admit, I am not a fan of the cliff hanger at the end of this book. Only because, I need to have the next edition in my hands, right now!

If you enjoy stories set in the WWII time period, this is a can’t miss story!

[I received this complimentary book for review from Netgalley.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.]

A Favorite Quote:

“One’s true character shines brightest in the midst of the storm”

About the Author:

TriciaGoyerTricia Goyer is a driven, passionate and charismatic author with a detail-focused approach to her unique blend of storytelling. A prolific writer, she’s published well over 55 books, including her debut novel, From Dust and Ashes, which was about the liberation of the Mauthausen Concentration camp in Austria at the end of World War II. Tricia traveled to the actual location and interviewed over 100 veterans to collect their remarkable experiences…passing them on to a new generation of readers. Tricia puts the same dedication and detail into every book she writes.Tricia’s writing style is vivid and heartwarming, allowing readers to take home more than engaging stories, but also incredibly inspiring messages of faith and hope. Her goal is to write stories that matter. Tricia Goyer is a homeschooling mom of ten, grandmother of two, and wife to John. With a busy life she understand the importance of making every word count.

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