It’s FRIDAY  and I’m excited that I get to share a great line with you from a book I have recently read (see review). I have found this to be an fun and entertaining way to find new authors, books and bloggers.

Today I’m featuring: Such A Hope (Paths of Grace #1)  by Sondra Kraak


Seattle, Washington Territory
September 1871

Anna Warren breathed the crisp air that hinted of salt.

Now it’s your turn!

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18 thoughts on “First Line Friday’s (5/5/17): Such A Hope

  1. I must get to this book soon!

    I have the first line of Tosca Lee’s ‘Firstborn’ on my blog today, but here I’m going to share the first line of “Wings of the Wind” by Connilyn Cossette:

    “Forging through the teeming mass of Canaanite soldiers in this vast army camp, I’d never felt more alone.”

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  2. My first line comes from an advance read of a book that will have a permanent home on my “favorite books” shelf. THE ASTONISHING THING by Sandi Ward releases in November. It’s so clever and touching…told from the point of view of a cat, Boo, who is trying to solve the disappearance of her human mom and help her family heal. So, so sweet! “Let me tell you about my mother.” (Mainstream with references to faith, 99% clean)

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  3. I have Sondra’s other 2 books, and when I finish reading them I will buy this one because it sounds so good!
    My first line is from True to You by Becky Wade:
    “Finding oneself at the mercy of a crazed gunman isn’t all fun and games.”

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    1. Such A Hope is a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing your first line also. I recently read True to You, and enjoyed it. Did you get to join Becky Wade’s Facebook party last evening?


  4. I was fortunate to win this one!

    My first line comes from Live Free or Die by Hunter Lee.

    Friday, 19:00 GMT

    Dawkins Eames tugged on his collar while he gazed at pedestrians jockeying for position at the crosswalk.

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  5. Harley Diekerhoff looked up from peeling potatoes to glance out the kitchen window.
    From – Christmas at Cooper Mountain by Jane Porter

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  6. Sondra is such a talented author and it was so fun interviewing her. Great choice!
    I’m featuring the first line from Fire and Ice by Mary Connealy over on my blog today. Happy Friday!

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  7. Love that cover!

    Last night was my brother’s college graduation, so while I was waiting for the 200+ students before him to get their diplomas, I read “Love at First Bark” (Dana Mentink). It was short and amusing. 🙂 The first line…er…paragraph… was great…

    “Marcy Deveraux was surprised to discover she didn’t actually miss the prince very much. The naked truth was, he’d been high maintenance with all that dark broodiness and not much of a sense of humor to speak of. By the end of their time together, he’d even gotten on her nerves just the tiniest bit. Still, Prince Rafe’s departure left her at a loss. It was not as though His Royal Highness was required to save anyone else from assassination, and it had been twelves months since that perilous jungle crossing, complete with poisonous spiders and the one-eyed bandit. The prince had survive more adventures than could be expected of anyone, fictional or not, and he deserved his happy ending.
    So now what?
    Marcy chewed her pencil eraser, staring at the blank pages of her notebook as the summer wind rattled the cabin windows.”

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