“What’s not to love about The Last of the Mohicans meets The Patriot?” – Michelle Griep


Proper English governess Eleanor Morgan flees to the colonies to escape the wrath of a brute of an employer. When the Charles Town family she’s to work for never arrives to collect her from the dock, she is forced to settle for the only reputable choice remaining to her—marriage to a man she’s never met. Trapper and tracker Samuel Heath is a hardened survivor used to getting his own way by brain or by brawn, and he’s determined to find a mother for his young daughter. But finding a wife proves to be impossible. No upstanding woman wants to marry a murderer.


My Review:

Enjoy a trip back through time to colonial America in the back-country of South Carolina, where you must be tougher than the harsh elements. Life didn’t come easy in the 1770’s and one must fight for every square inch gained. Michelle Griep penned a fantastic story of strength, courage and love in The Captive Heart.

Eleanore Morgan may have lost all her earthly possessions on the long voyage to America, but the baggage she carries with her threatens to cause her to loose much more than she could ever imagine.

Samuel Heath struggles to forgive himself and rise above a past mired with hurt and regret. He lives between two worlds that threaten to tear apart all he’s built and worked so hard for.

A story you won’t soon forget and a book that you won’t want to put down, even after the last page. The Captive Heart will captivate your heart.


About the Author:

I hear voices. Loud. Incessant. And very real. Which basically gives me two options: choke back massive amounts of Prozac or write fiction. I chose the latter. Way cheaper. I’ve been writing since I discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. I seek to glorify God in all that I write…except for that graffiti phase I went through as a teenager. Oops. Did I say that out loud?

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   The Captive Heart

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