In 1927, Margie Lane, an avid naturalist, convinces her Senator father to procure her a position at the fledgling Mount Rainier National Park. Since Ranger Ford Brannon lost his father in a climbing accident, he doubts his ability to protect the park and its many visitors. He certainly doesn’t relish the job of watching over an idealistic and privileged young woman with no practical survival skills.

When Margie’s former fiance sets his mind on developing the Paradise Inn and its surroundings into a tourist playground, Margie and Ford will have to work together to preserve the beauty and simplicity of this mountain hideaway, but the developer’s plans might put more than just the park in danger.”


My Review:

This is the first book I read from Karen Barnett, I was not sure what to expect. Let me just tell you I was not disappointed. It is always fun finding a new favorite author, and I believe I have found one!

To start with the setting for this book is amazing. From the very first page, I felt like I was there on Mount Rainier (A place I’ve never visited, but dearly want to now). But Karen’s fantastic writing goes beyond her writing of the perfect setting. You’ll quickly get lost in the pages of this story.

Margie may have used her senator father’s connections to get the job working with the National Park Rangers on Mount Rainier, but she takes her role seriously.  Margie has a strong faith, and she delights in spending time in nature and seeing God’s handiwork, and in studying His creation.

Ranger Ford Brannon expected a spoiled, pampered young woman, not the book-wise nature enthusiast. Ford was raised by a God-fearing father, but when a tragic accident took his father’s life, Ford blamed God for his loss. Ford is taken back at Margie’s strong faith and trust in God and has some soul wrestling of his own to do.

I love the thread of faith woven seamlessly thru the story. The reminders of our great Creator, and His amazing, fathomless love for us, the crowning jewel of His creation.

Karen writes such fantastic, multifaceted, realistic characters. I enjoyed the character progression and growth in this story with both Margie and Ford. I felt like I was right there with them, in their thoughts and involved in their daily lives. Hiking the trails, cautiously crossing the moss covered log bridge over the raging, river (all the while holding my breath). Of course let’s not even talk about how I nearly chewed my fingernails off (I thought I had broken that bad habit) during the mountain climbing chapters. This is one of those books that after you finish, you sit there in a happy reader’s fog, wishing there were more pages left to read.

(I received a complimentary books for review from the author/publisher. I am not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)


Favorite Quote:

“Sometimes a fragile appearance masks deep strength”


About the Author:

KarenBarnettFueled by a passion for research and learning, and a secret desire to travel in time, author Karen Barnett creates historical romances that draw readers deep into a story. She’s fascinated that even though human history is constantly changing, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). The point where those two facts collide forms the basis for her writing–finding those moments when an ordinary person brushes up against the eternal.

A graduate of Valparaiso University and Oregon State University, Barnett’s debut novel, Mistaken, was released in 2013 and earned her the Oregon Christian Writers “Writer of Promise” award and a Cascade Award for best historical fiction. She also won the coveted “Writer of the Year” title from the prestigious Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in 2016.

Karen spent several years working in outdoor education as a park ranger and naturalist for Mount Rainier National Park and Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park before becoming a stay-at-home mom and professional writer. She spends her free time hiking, taking photographs, dragging her kids through dusty history museums, and decorating crazy birthday cakes.

Karen lives in western Oregon with her husband, two teenagers, and three mischievous dachshunds.

To connect with Karen follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

She also enjoys public speaking and has addressed women’s groups, church organizations, book clubs, libraries, and writing conferences. Check out her speaking page if you are interested in learning more.


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