Victoria Donnelly wants to do something right at least once in her lifetime. With five years of failed courtships behind her and the calendar inching closer to another birthday, she’s finally found a way to redeem herself in the eyes of her family. But her plan requires her to return to her home town of Eagle Harbor, where forgotten feelings for a man she can never have lie buried.

Elijah Cummings has loved Victoria for fifteen years. But fishermen’s sons don’t marry shipping barons’ daughters. He knows it. She knows it. The entire town knows it. Resolved to keep his distance from Victoria, Elijah focuses on establishing a much needed life-saving station, risking his own life by rescuing sailors stuck aboard shipwrecks… until he learns she’s about to make an irreversible decision, one she’ll spend the rest of her life regretting.

He knows how to save drowning sailors—but how is he to save the woman he loves from the biggest mistake of her life… without destroying both their hearts in the process?


My Review:

I couldn’t put this book down. From the first chapter to the last, I was enveloped in the story of Victoria and Elijah. This is the second book in the Eagle Harbor series and could easily be read without reading the first book Love’s Unfading Light, as each book focuses on a different member of the Eagle Harbor community.

I liked Elijah in the first book and was thrilled to get to read his story.  Even though he experienced a great loss when his father’s boat was capsized during a storm on the lake, Elijah refuses to withdraw from life and instead fights to save others from drowning when storms come up. This decision of his to risk his life to save others comes at a cost with his relationship with his younger brother.

I found myself cheering for Victoria from the first, she is such a kind-hearted character. I could really feel her struggle with her self-image and more than once found myself talking to the characters as if they could hear me.

I simply loved Elijah and Victoria’s story! It has everything you are looking for in a fantastic story; dynamic, realistic characters, that grow during the story, and an active and engaging story with a well-developed plot. I look forward to reading the other books in this series and spending more time exploring Eagle Harbor.

Sometimes after I finish a story I do a little research myself, just to learn more. I found the real-life Eagle Harbor lighthouse. It was interesting to see the photos and learn more about Eagle Harbor. In looking at some photo’s from Eagle Harbor, Michigan I stumbled upon the below photo of a rescue boat, that could be similar to what Elijah build and used for his rescues.


(I received a complimentary copy of this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)


Favorite Quote:

“She might stammer over a few of her words, but Moses had stammered too.”


About the Author:

Naomi-RawlingsNaomi Rawlings is the author of historical Christian novels, including the Amazon bestselling Eagle Harbor Series. While she’d love to claim she spends her days huddled in front of her computer vigorously typing, in reality, she spends her time homeschooling, cleaning, picking up, and pretending like her house isn’t in a constant state of chaos. She lives with her husband and three children in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula, along the southern shore of Lake Superior where they get 200 inches of snow every year, and where people still grow their own vegetables and cut down their own firewood–just like in the historical novels she writes.

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 Love’s Unfading Light (Eagle Harbor #1)

  Love’s Every Whisper (Eagle Harbor #2)


Love’s BeginningVisit Naomi’s web page to read an excerpt of Love’s Beginning. Read about the day Elijah first falls in love with Victoria in the Eagle Harbor short story, Love’s Beginning.

As a ten-year-old boy, Elijah sees Gilbert Sinclair bully the other school children day in and day out. As far as Elijah figures, it’s going to be a long school year if somebody doesn’t show the rich kid a thing or two, so it might as well be him. If only his sister wasn’t around to mess up his plans.

And why does he care so much what Victoria, the pretty girl with a house fancier than Gilbert’s, thinks of their fight?

Love’s Beginning is a 21 page short story. It can be read as a standalone or as an extension of Love’s Every Whisper, which is Elijah and Victoria’s full length novel. (see my goodreads review)

 Love’s Beginning (Eagle Harbor – Novella #1.5)

I’d love to hear from you:

Have you ever finished reading a story and it inspired you to learn more about either the setting or the characters?  If so, what story/book inspired you to learn more?

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  1. Thanks for posting another great review! And yes, I find myself reading novels and then diving into research all the time. Roseanna White’s books always seem to make me get on my computer afterward and start Googling.

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  2. Yes to Roseanna White. She researches so well. Another is Tamera Alexander with the Belmont and Belle Mead stories! There are several authors that have told stories about the Chicago World’s Fair or Fire or St. Louis Fair . Since I have lived in or very near both cities I like to dive into the history there.
    Jody Hedlund is another one . I am reading Newton and Polly now and absolutely loved Luther and Katherina!
    Then there is Gilbert Morris and The Last Cavaliers series about the Civil War.
    Time to stop or ill get carried away! Can you guess which genre is my favorite? LOL

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