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If you enjoy reading Biblical based fiction and are looking for a story rich with historical and archaeological research, then I have the perfect book for you!

LSBakerL.S Baker Jr. is a real-life, Indiana-Jones-hat-wearing, Archaeologists. He desires to make the (sometimes dry) realities of Archaeological research, come to life for those who haven’t studied the field. Despite the hat, real-life archaeology isn’t like what you see in Indiana Jones movies.



“Land of Rameses” an epic historical-biblical mystery novel.

It is the Exodus story you know and love, told as you’ve never read and faithful to the Bible and Egyptian Archaeology in a way you’ll never forget. Land of Rameses reveals the secret to ultimate triumph following abject failure. It is the story of the struggle we all have to endure in order to either suppress or succumb to the pressure of outside forces on our lives.


June, 1447 B.C.
Mount Horeb, Sinai

Two men walked left, through the gap in the mountains, up a gentle slope before tackling a much steeper climb among giant boulders and over large cobbles. Together they had waited six days on a small flat ledge nestled at the base of the mountains for this moment, for this day, this Sabbath.


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12 thoughts on “First Line Friday’s (6/23/17): Land of Rameses

  1. Sounds interesting! I’ll have to check it out.

    I have the first line from Kara Isaac’s AMAZING new release “Then There Was You” on my blog, but the first line I’m sharing here is from Kara Swanson’s recent release, “The Girl Who Could See”. (It must be a Kara kind of day!)

    “On television crime shows, they never tell you how cold it is.”

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  2. I haven’t heard of this author or this book. Here’s mine: Mistakenly Married by Victorine Lieske: “Penny wrung her hands and walked to the back of the room.”

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  3. Sounds interesting!

    Suzie shivered at Carson Snotte’s words, not the March air with its hint of lingering winter. Barely Above Water by Gail Pallotta

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  4. My first line is from Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter: “There was nothing like a letter from the IRS to stop a man in his tracks.”

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  5. Such an interesting premise! And great first line.

    On my blog is the first line from “Promise Me This” by Cathy Gohlke, but here I’ll share the first line of the book I got in the mail yesterday: “Heart on the Line” by Karen Witemeyer! This will be my first to read of hers…
    “The cheerful tinkle of a bell alerted Grace Mallory to the arrival of a guest.”

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  6. Interesting!
    From a book I finally got to check off my TBR list.
    The little hairs on the back of Allegra Spencer’s neck stood at attention.
    First line from: Count Me In by Mikal Dawn. I loved it!

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