The hot-topic question of July that I have seen floating around is:

“What is your favorite book (or series) that you have read this year?”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t possibly pick only one favorite when I’ve read so many amazing books. Thus far I have read 57 books. Now, I know for at least one or two of my awesome blogging friends, this is not a jaw-dropping number. However, as I have been told, “It’s not the number that’s important.” (Major props to my friend Carrie who is well on her way to reading 300 this year)

With that said, I will share with you, my loyal reading friends, the books I have read so far this year that has continued to stick with me long past my finishing of the story. I’ve enjoyed reading others, but these seem to stick with me the longest. Without further adieu, and in no particular order…

Many Sparrows by: Lori Benton
All of You  by: Sarah Monzon
Just the Way You Are by: Pepper Basham
 A Moonbow Night by: Laura Frantz
 In His Eyes by: Stephenia H. McGee
 My Heart Belongs in Ruby City, Idaho by: Susanne Dietze
 The Butterfly and the Violin by: Kristy Cambron
  Name Unknown  by: Roseanna M. White
 The Road to Paradise by: Karen Barnett
 So Pure A Heart  by: Amber Lynn Perry

Clicking on the title of the book will take you to Amazon where you can read more about the book. Clicking on the name of the author will take you to the author web page.

I would love to hear from you.

What are a few of your favorite books so far this year? Do you have any that have lingered with you weeks/months after you have read the last page?

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26 thoughts on “My Favorites (January-July) 2017

  1. omigosh, what a great list! I have a few on my kindle… I’ll get to them by next winter when you have a new list. But we all know we’ll never catch up on our TBR pile, right? As an author I read thousands of words a day but they are the same ones over and over! haha!

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  2. Trisha!!! Thank you so much for including JTWYA! I’ve really enjoyed Denise Hunter’s newest book but I have some AMAZING books waiting for me to read in the second half of the year…if I can get all my editing/writing done 😉 YAY!

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  3. Yay!! Thank you for including All of You and I’m so glad the story was impactful! I think the books that have stayed with me the most this year are The Dandelion Field and The Uncloaked.

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  4. Trisha, Your beautiful image sure caught my eye – it POPS! And I’m so thrilled to see Moonbow among your favorites here. Thank you, thank you. I have some catching up to do as many of these are in my stack but I’ve been buried with edits, etc. What a JOY it is to have such a bounty of books to read. I remember not long ago when there was very little inspy fiction on the shelves. Bless you for this!

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    1. Oh, Laura you are so sweet! I’ve not missed the pleasure of reading your books since your first book, The Frontiersman’s Daughter was released. I’ve been reading Christian fiction since the early 80’s, and you are right, I too remember a time when inspy was far and few between. I’m eager to read The Lacemaker!


  5. I have read three of the books you have listed and own three others. The remaining four are on my wishlist.
    So many books, so little time. I have loved the My Heart Belongs series of books. I loved Kara Isaac’s “Then There Was You”, Toni Shiloh’s Maple Run Series, Pepper Basham’s “Just The Way You Are”, and Mikal Dawn’s “Count Me In”. There are several others too.

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  6. Wow! What a fantastic list! I’m so honored you included My Heart Belongs in Ruby City! Thank you! ❤ I haven't read all the books on the list, so the ones I've missed are going on my TBR pile. Thanks for all you do to help promote inspy fiction, for readers and authors! Your reviews are so appreciated! Hugs.

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  7. Yes! Some of my favourites here – Sarah’s, Pepper’s, Roseanna’s, and Karen’s, and I’m keen to read Lori’s and Stephenia’s. I would add Krisy Cambron’s The Illusionist’s Apprentice, and probably a few others that my flu-addled brain can’t come up with right now!


  8. Thank goodness for Goodreads. I could look at ALL the books I’ve read so far this year. Odd how a few that I thought I read early this year, I actually read last year. 🙂 Time flies when you are time traveling thru books!!


  9. Oh my word, it would be too hard to pick my favorites! This is a great list and I think some of them would make mine too. It’s almost like these books are our kids. You don’t want to leave anyone out 😉

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