On the run from false murder charges, Annabelle Lang can only count on one man, Cherokee diplomat Charles McDonald. The handsome ambassador has already helped her escape Washington City. Now he’s proposing marriage to protect her honor. Though she’s losing her heart to Charles, Annabelle’s certain his offer comes from duty, not love.

Charles’s feelings for the flaxen-haired beauty go beyond mere companionship, but he’s doubtful a lady like Annabelle would ever consider him under normal circumstances. And with his family expecting him to wed a Cherokee bride, he wouldn’t have asked. If it’s more than convenience that binds Charles and Annabelle, there’s only one way to find out—he’ll have to court his own wife!

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From a young age, my favorite stories to read have been stories about Native Americans. When I was around 9 years old, I wrote a story about a Native American girl. I have always just gravitated toward this culture and these strong, noble people. I vividly remember my parents taking me to visit Cherokee, NC when I was younger and I loved it so much that I took my son to visit last year. Of course when I saw this book, I just HAD to read it!

Valerie Hansen does not disappoint with this arresting story of fugitives on the run and a culture on the brink of calamity. Rich in historical detail and with believable characters this story is one that will not only remind you of a bygone era but put you in the thick of the excitement and the turmoil.

Annabelle Lang has grown accustomed to a life lived in the shadows. Orphaned at a young age, she became the ward of a man who becomes a strong voice in Congress. Overlooked and often alone, Annabelle in no way is a timid mouse. She is a strong, capable young woman, who isn’t afraid to stand up for those she see’s in need.

Charles McDonald is a Cherokee ambassador, trying to make sure that the Cherokee people have a voice in the decisions that are being made about them and their land. He is impressed with the kindness he see’s in Annabelle, and in her strength of character. Is it possible for two people from different backgrounds to find common ground?

For me personally, my favorite parts of the book were those that included historical details. I appreciated the attention to the Cherokee history and culture. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a warm-hearted romance, with just enough action to keep the story moving, and cultural details that will give you greater insight.

(I purchased a copy of this book. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)


The Cherokee town of New Echota, GA is a location featured in this book. Click Here If you are interested to see photo’s of the town, or maybe plan a trip to visit this historic site.

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ValerieHansenAlthough I have been a published author since the mid 1980s, I have been writing women’s Christian fiction almost exclusively since 1999. There is a longer, more detailed bio on my website so there’s no need for me to repeat all that here. Right now, I write for all three Love Inspired lines, Romance, Suspense and Historical. I’m delighted to have been included that broadly and besides, it keeps me so busy that I stay out of trouble. Well, mostly.

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