Hi, reader friends! From an young age, I loved reading. Sadly some books have been forgotten over the years, but many have stayed in my memory. Several still to this day hold places of honor on my burgeoning book shelves. I’m sharing with you a few favorite books from my childhood. I look forward to hearing from you, and finding out what books from your childhood hold a special place in your memory.

The Mandie books were an early favorite of mine. There are 40 books in this series, which makes it perfect to enjoy for a long time!


Mandie Collection1This five-in-one volume brings Mandie fans-new and old alike-back to where it all began. Readers will discover anew the charms of the impulsive Mandie Shaw as she faces the ups and downs of first losing her father and then finding her long-lost family in Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. Many more mysteries follow for Mandie and her friends in Mandie and the Cherokee Legend, Mandie and the Ghost Bandits, Mandie and the Forbidden Attic, and Mandie and the Trunk’s Secret.

Mandie Shaw, almost a teenager, is certain God no longer loves her as she watches her father being lowered into his grave. Mandie’s move into a neighbor family’s home, when her mother remarries, does not soften her grief. Her only comfort is the promise from her father’s faithful Cherokee friend, Uncle Ned, to watch out for her and be a friend. Will Mandie be able to escape her new and nearly intolerable home situation? Will she find her long-lost family? Will the mysterious key unlock the door to the secret tunnel and her own family’s history?


Misty of Chincoteague – I enjoyed reading books about horses and this one was a favorite. The book a has a new cover now, but I’m sharing the old cover here, because this is what my book looks like.

MistyOfChincoteagueOn an island off the coasts of Virginia and Maryland lives a centuries-old band of wild ponies. Among them is the most mysterious of all, Phantom, a rarely seen mare that eludes all efforts to capture her–that is, until a young boy and girl lay eyes on her and determine that they can’t live without her. The frenzied roundup that follows on the next “Pony Penning Day” does indeed bring Phantom into their lives, in a way they never would have suspected. Phantom would forever be a creature of the wild. But her gentle, loyal colt Misty is another story altogether.



Another great collection of stories I enjoyed reading was “In Grandma’s Attic”

InGrandmasAtticRemember when you were a child–when all the world was new, and the smallest object a thing of wonder? Arleta Richardson remembers: the funny wearable wire contraption hidden in the dusty attic, the century-old schoolchild’s slate that belonged to Grandma, an ancient trunk filled with quilt pieces–each with its own special story–and the button basket, a miracle of mysteries. And best of all was the remarkable grandmother who made magic of all she touched, bringing the past alive as only a born storyteller could.

Here are those marvelous tales–faithfully recalled for the delight of young and old alike, a touchstone to another day when life was simpler, perhaps richer; when the treasures of family life and love were passed from generation to generation by a child’s questions…and the legends that followed enlarged our faith.

I couldn’t leave out The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder!


Little House in the Big Woods/Little House on the Prairie/Farmer Boy/On The Banks of Plum Creek/By the Shores of Silver Lake/The Long Winter/Little Town on the Prairie/These Happy Golden Years/The First Four Years (Little House Books)


Sam Campell (aka. Philosopher of the forest) wrote a collection of nature stories that I enjoyed as a child and have continued to enjoy rediscovering the enjoyment of these fun animal stories by reading them with my own son. These classic tales explore God’s marvelous creation.




I look forward to hearing from you and learning what books you enjoyed as a child!





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  1. I loved Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, Nancy Drew, The Babysitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, and anything by Caroline B. Cooney. I as an avid reader, so I lived at our local library. I could probably add the entire YA section of the library, circa 1991-1996, to this list. Lol!

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  2. Little House on the Prairie was a great series!! I think I need to take a break from adult reading, and go back to some of these books 🙂

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  3. I read the Little House series, in fact I gave those to my oldest daughter. I didn’t read the Mandie books but my daughters did. I did read Marguerite Henry’s books. I think they were a right of passage for all girls. Such a great list of books! ❤

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