Get your fan’s ready! I have a special treat for you today! Misty M. Beller is sharing an excerpt from her new novella “This Freedom Journey”.  This wonderful story is currently part of the Timeless Love Collection.

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About the Author:

MistyMBellerMisty M. Beller writes romantic mountain stories, set on the 1800s frontier and woven with the truth of God’s love. For a limited time, you can get her bestselling novel, The Lady and the Mountain Man, FREE here:

She was raised on a farm in South Carolina, so her Southern roots run deep. Growing up, her family was close, and they continue to keep that priority today. Her husband and daughters now add another dimension to her life, keeping her both grounded and crazy.

God has placed a desire in Misty’s heart to combine her love for Christian fiction and the simpler ranch life, writing historical novels that display God’s abundant love through the twists and turns in the lives of her characters.

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The door opened and Mary stepped in, only her blue eyes and red cheeks showing between her scarf and hood. Her gaze swept to him as she entered the room, and her eyes widened. She pulled the scarf down to uncover her mouth. “What are you doing?”

He probably looked like he was climbing the wall, stretching up on his toes to keep the cord in place. “Can you hold this in place while I go outside and feed it through the opening above?” She likely wouldn’t be tall enough to reach the rope outside, so he’d need to do that part.

She shuffled forward, removing her gloves as she walked. “All right. As soon as I take these snowshoes off.”

She removed the frames in quicker time than he ever could, then slipped off her scarf and coat before stepping up behind him. “What do I do?”

“Hold this rope so I can reach it on the outside.” He shifted over so she could take his spot.

She moved in close—very close—to reach the rope. He held his breath, but it didn’t keep away the heady sense of her nearness. The touch of the wild that clung to her.

Her fingers brushed his hand as she took the cord. “I have it.” Her murmur sent a caress of warmth against his cheek.

He stepped off the hearth, more to still the rush of reaction roiling inside him than anything. And when he made it outside, the blast of icy air was just what he needed to cool his inner turmoil.

Good thing he hadn’t waited to hang this partition. A little separation from that woman might keep him from something he would regret. Did she feel the same way? How could she, still grieving the loss of her husband and babe?

Yet there were moments that he sensed something within her. A softening. Maybe even attraction.

But he couldn’t push her. If she wanted anything more than someone to help endure the winter, she’d have to take the next step. But who was he fooling? She’d made it clear, she didn’t even want that much.

Around the side of the cabin, he could see the rope protruding between the logs. Thankfully, the snow had drifted high against the wall, lifting him up enough that he could feed the cord back through the higher crack.

He worked a length of rope through, then called through the wall. “Can you reach the end now?”

“I have it.” Not even the logs between them could muffle the clear determination in her voice. Mary Standish wouldn’t be deterred once she set her mind to something.

He tromped back to the door, then stepped in.

Mary still stood on the hearth, but didn’t have to stretch nearly as far up, for she’d altered the set-up a bit. She’d turned the iron pot upside down on the hearth and now stood on it. Not a sturdy base when she stretched upward at an angle.

He strode forward, hands extended to catch her should the entire arrangement topple. “I can take it now.”

“I’m assuming you want this tied.” She started to knot the rope around the log.

“Yes, but I can do it. That pot will slide out from under you.” He touched her back to steady her.

Just in time, apparently, because her platform slid a bit, and she jerked.

He planted a foot beside the pot to keep it from moving farther and shifted his hands to grip her sides. “Really, Mary. I’ll do it. Just get down.” If she was hurt in this little project, he’d never forgive himself.

“There. All done.” She shifted again as she released the rope.

He had no idea if she could tie a knot that would hold, but he could fix that later, if necessary.

She turned and placed a hand on his shoulder while she peered down to place her feet. No sense in that though. He lifted her the same way he helped his mother down from a carriage.

Except she was nothing like his mother.

Mary gripped both of his shoulders, her blue eyes widening and her mouth forming a soft O as he lowered her. Such a beauty, this woman. Her heart-shaped face with its features perfectly proportioned. Those lips, slightly chapped by the wind. They suited her perfectly. A little roughed-up by the elements, but soft on the inside. And very much in need of kissing.

A stillness settled in the room, pulling his gaze up to her eyes.

They locked on his, a little wildness in them, as though she could read his thoughts. He shouldn’t have even been thinking about kissing her. Not after he’d just told himself outside he needed to give her time.

He swallowed, working to gather some moisture in his mouth to apologize. The last thing he wanted was to frighten her.

But then her gaze dipped to his mouth, throwing another log on the blaze he’d been trying to quiet within him. Fire and ice. He wanted more than anything to lower his mouth to hers. But he couldn’t. She had to take the first step.

As if she could read his mind, she reached up and raised her mouth to his.

Sweet honeysuckle and pepper. He’d been wrong about her kiss. She was softness, yes, but with fire infused in her touch. A fire that fed the flame inside him.


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