I have a special treat for you today! Andrea Boeshaar is sharing an excerpt from her new novella “Give Me Thine Heart”.  This fabulous story is currently part of the Timeless Love Collection.

This collection of 7 stories through the ages is available for pre-order for only .99c from March 21st to June 19th when the ebook releases. All proceeds go to the Live Strong Foundation

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About the Author:

AndreaBAndrea Kuhn Boeshaar has been married for more than 30 years. She and her husband, Daniel, have three adult sons, daughters-in-law, and two precious grandchildren. Andrea’s educational background includes the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, where she studied in English, and Alverno College where she studied in Professional Communications and Business Management.

Andrea has been writing stories and poems since she was a little girl; however, it wasn’t until 1984 that she started submitting her work for publication. Eight years after that, she was convicted about writing for the Christian market. She read books in her genre (Inspirational Romance & Women’s Fiction), studied the market, and worked hard to hone her craft.

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Sam digested the information and downed his rum, before setting aside the glass. He took his place near the entrance once more. He would take his leave shortly, but not too soon to arouse suspicion. He’d learned that General Ross must be stopped and the U. S. Capitol reinforced and he’d do his best to get that piece of information, as well as others, to President Madison in time.

However, he had to be on that ship tonight before it set sail for America.

Sam glanced across the way and stood to his full height, every nerve drawn tight, sending prickles of warning down the back of his neck. There, in the receiving parlor where all the smokers had shed their tailcoats was Miss Kingsly—

And in her hands lay Sam’s black diary, containing news that was not for her eyes!

He slipped from the room and crossed the large foyer. As he approached, she looked up and smiled when she saw him.  Her smoky-gray eyes held only a welcome, no fear or guilt from being caught snooping.

“What have you got there, Miss Kingsly?”

She glanced to the black book in her long, slender hands. “I don’t know. I found it on the floor.” She leafed through it. “Evidently it fell out of someone’s coat pocket.”

“So you took it upon yourself to read it?” Sam couldn’t keep the edge from his tone. Most likely she intended to run to her fiancé with what she learned.

“I read a few pages only to find out the book’s owner, is all.” Miss Kingsly tipped her head and strands of her straw-colored hair slipped from its pins. They fanned her cheek. “Does it belong to you?”

In reply, Sam held out his hand.

“I thought maybe it did.” She handed it over.

Sam bent to collect his tailcoat. From the way it lay in the pile, he could see how his diary had slipped from its hold. Perhaps Miss Kingsly had found it on the floor, but now she put him in a precarious position and he couldn’t take the chance of being discovered. Not now.

“Blast it all!” he snarled.

“Excuse me?”

Sam pulled on his coat and sheathed his diary. He buttoned it up the front, his gaze never wavering from her lovely face.

“I assure you, Mr. White, much of what I read made no sense and that which I did understand I shall keep it to myself. You have my word.”

Her promise meant nothing to him at this moment. In one swooping motion, he took hold of the knife he kept hidden inside his left boot and slapped his palm over her mouth to prevent a scream. “Miss Kingsly, I’m afraid I must kill you.”


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Timeless Love Collection: Romantic Stories that Span the Ages

Note: This is a limited time collection, only available for two weeks after the release date(6/19 – 7/3/18). After that all the novella’s will release in paperback from their respective publishers.



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