The ideal lady wears lace, speaks quietly, and never under any circumstances fixes her own automobiles. But Gwyn Ruthers has never cared two snaps for the ideal lady. With the war to end all wars exploding across the Channel, she leaves behind her restrictive life as a chauffer’s daughter to serve in an all-female ambulance unit in France. Rambling over bomb blasted roads is far from the exotic travel she had in mind, but not even a handsome captain can distract her from the purpose at hand. Most of the time.

Slogging through mud and a despair that no man should have to witness, Captain William Crawford stumbles over a woman—quite literally—who has the ridiculous notion to enter a man’s fight along the Front. Why can she not sit patiently at home like all the other complacent women?

Bound together by circumstances beyond their control, Gwyn and William must fight to survive the battle raging all around them. Can their love survive or will it become another casualty of war?

My Thoughts:

History comes to life! From the very first chapter I was captivated. This story took a hold of my imagination and wouldn’t let go! The characters easily found their way into my heart. I enjoyed the feisty Gwen and her best friend Cecelia, and of course the dashing yet stoic Captain William Stewart, who won me over with little effort. The writing is so smooth and seamless that the images popped off the page and into my imagination with ease.

Gwen Ruthers is a young woman ahead of her time. Not willing to merely look pretty sitting in fancy drawing rooms and sipping tea. Gwen is happiest when she is in her father’s garage, under the hood of the newest automobile getting greasy and making the engines purr. Gwen has big dreams to see the world and she not going to sit back and wait for opportunities to come knocking on her door, she is going to go after her dreams!

I was given a front row seat with the vivid descriptions of a war torn France during World War I and kept on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen next! Full of emotion and tender romance you are sure to enjoy this exciting story!

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About the Author:

J'Nell Ciesielski For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a book in my hand. When other girls went to the library to look at the Babysitter’s Club books, my mom found me sitting in the history aisle with a stack of Civil War books, and autobiographies of legends long gone. I loved being transported to other places and times, where men are chivalrous knights to the rescue and women wear big frilly dresses. I’ve always believed I was born in the wrong time period … but I digress.

With my natural curiosity of all things old-fashioned and love of happily ever afters, it was only natural I decided to pen a few of my own.

Born in Florida, I spent the many happy days of childhood running around our large backyard and splashing on the sugar white beaches known only to the Sunshine State. Just before high school, my dad got a job transfer to Texas and a whole new life began. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Psychology the summer of 2005.

Not knowing what else to do with my life, I joined the Air Force. Stationed in Germany I was able to travel to places I’d only dreamed of: France, Austria, Netherlands, England, and my favorite Scotland. I also met my awesome husband while over there. I consider him my consolation prize for the years being forced to wear camouflage and combat boots.

After serving our four years, we now live in Virginia where we’ve been blessed that I can stay home and write all day. Yay! When I’m not writing you can find me baking something with chocolate, making my baby girl laugh, or giving belly rubs to our beagle Daisy.

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