I have a special treat for you today! Author Jen Turano is visiting with us to share an excerpt and to chat about her book “Caught by Surprise”. Be sure to stick around until the end to enter the giveaway!

Jen  Jen Turano is a graduate of the University of Akron with a degree in Clothing and Textiles. She pursued a career in management for nine years before switching to full-time motherhood after the birth of her son. When she’s not writing, Jen can be found watching her teenage son participate in various activities, taking long walks with her husband and dog, socializing with friends, or delving into a good book. She lives in suburban Denver, Colorado.  Connect with Jen at:

Web Page // Facebook // Twitter // Goodreads


CaughtBySurpriseMiss Temperance Flowerdew is on her way to work when a stranger suddenly grabs her off the street and sends her on a Chicago-bound train before she can figure out what happened.

When Mr. Gilbert Cavendish is called upon to rescue a missing woman, he follows the trail to Chicago only to discover that the woman is his good friend Temperance. Before they can discover who was behind the abduction, they’re seen alone together by a New York society matron, putting their reputations at risk.

Gilbert is willing to propose marriage–except Temperance will have none of it. She’s finally stepped out of the shadow of her relations and won’t give up her independence. But when it becomes clear the misunderstanding in Chicago has escalated into a threat on her life and followed her to New York, accepting Gilbert’s help in solving the mystery may lead to more than she ever could have dreamed.

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 Caught by Surprise (Apart from the Crowd #3)


Join me in giving a warm welcome to Jen Turano!

It is great to have you visiting with us today, Jen! Let’s start with a few getting to know you questions and then chat about your latest book.

road-1072823_640Q:  What is your favorite season, and why?

Jen:  My very favorite season is Fall – there’s just something about the crisp air, changing leaves, and, well, fall fashions. After being in shorts and t-shirts all summer, I love being able to layer clothes, bring out the super cute jeans, and don’t even get me started on sweaters – my favorite article of clothing – and then…boots. Ah, I do so love a great pair of boots!


tree-1409101_640Q:  What is the best part of your day?

Jen:  I’m a morning person. Love getting up around 5:00 – take a bit of a hike, then settle into my office. I can work late if I’m on deadline, but I’m normally beat after 7:00 p.m.


mobile-616012_640Q:  If we took a peek at your “recently played” music, who would we find?

Jen:  So this was the coolest thing ever. I was at an obscure record store last weekend – what did I find? An album from…wait for it…The Psychedelic Furs. I loved that band when I was in college. ‘Pretty in Pink’ – favorite song on the album. Al (husband person) thinks I’ve lost my mind, but really, it’s a great band.


desk-2158142_640Q:  Did the plotline or the characters come first?

Jen:  When I decide to write a new series, I always submit a proposal for all the books I’m intending to write in that series, complete with plotlines and character descriptions. With that said, I thought I knew the plotline of “Caught by Surprise” but, nope. It changed starting from Chapter One. The characters were pretty well set since this is the last book in the series.


book-863418_640Q:  Which character took you by surprise?

Jen:  Miss Temperance Flowerdew completely changed from who I thought she was going to be as the series progressed. She had a mind of her own, and after trying to force her to be the character I’d wanted her to be, I finally just let her have her way in the end.


lantern-2369904_640Q:  What was the latest you stayed up working on this story?

Jen:  2:00 a.m. is the latest – but I only pull those late hours when Al is out of town. It’s amazing how much writing I get done when he’s not around.


correcting-1870721_640Q:  What is something that didn’t make it into the final copy?

Jen:  This will probably seem weird, but since it’s been so long since I’ve worked on this book, I can’t think of a single thing I might have taken out.


FlightsOfFancyQ:  What are you currently working on and how long till we can read more?! (I’m eager to read more amazing stories can you tell?)

Jen:  I’m currently working on a new series “The American Heiresses.” “Flights of Fancy,” book one, will release January 2019, and I’ve just turned in the second book, currently untitled. It’ll release later in 2019. Then I’ll have a novella releasing in a new collection. It’s about the Harvey Girls. I still need to write that, which is what I’ll be doing next week.

Trisha:  Thank you, so very much for visiting with us today Jen! It has been fun getting to know you and the characters in this story better.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Trisha! And thank you to all the readers for checking out this interview! All the best,  ~ Jen ~


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Jen Turano is giving away 1 (one) print copy of her book “Caught by Surprise”. Review the policies here. Please note that due to shipping cost this print copy is only available to those in the continental USA. The giveaway will be open for one week. At the close of the giveaway period, the winner will be contacted via email and announced on this page. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the email, before another winner will be chosen.

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“One of the fun things about Jen Turano’s stories is the characters. I enjoy the unique names that she comes up with for her characters. I’d love to hear from you; Do you have a unique name, or do you know someone with a unique name?”

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112 thoughts on “Author Interview & Giveaway with Jen Turano

    1. Hi Nicole!!
      I imagine you do run across some unique names in your profession. I used to volunteer a ton when my son was in elementary school, and there were certainly a lot of fun names! Good luck!!!

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  1. I don’t have a unique name but the way my mom first heard it was original. As she was hanging her wash outside she heard another woman calling out a name she’d never heard before.. “Sandra, Sandra where are you?” She liked the sound of it and until my mamma’s passing in 2013 I would hear her sweet voice ask that very same question.

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    1. What a delightful story, Sandra!! My mom was one of the few people to continue to call me Jennifer. Like you, I can still her voice calling my name even though she’s been gone for a very long time. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. My name is not unique, but I stole a name from one of my former students for one of my characters. Kessara. LOVE the name. I have a cousin named Kessa so this just was a perfect extension. I just finished reading the novella intro for this book so I’m looking forward to diving into the series. I think it is on sale right now, too. So bonus!

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    1. Kessara is a great name, Crystal, although I love your name as well. And yes, the first book in this series, “Behind the Scenes” is currently on sale for $.99 – but only until Friday – and the second book, “Out of the Ordinary” is showing up on sale as well, although not as discounted. Thanks for stopping in!!

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  3. Don’t have a unique name. It is spelled a little different Keren. Is the Hebrew spelling in the Bible of one of Job’s daughters. Thank you for sharing with us.


    1. I’ve always adored the name Nicole!!! It was on my list of baby names in case I had a girl, but that didn’t exactly happen!!! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with the giveaway!!!

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  4. My mother in law’s name is Roseva, her mother in law’s name was Glaydiss. Glay-diss, not Gladiss. My mother had a friend named Twyla and her husband was Everton. My uncle’s name was Aldean . My grandmother’s name was Etta. The other grandmother was Effie Pearl. I’m sure there are more if I think hard ehough. Love Jen’s books.

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    1. Oh, I really like the name Roseva, Paula – hmmm….might have to use that name someday if the right character pops to mind – but then…Effie Pearl is marvelous as well, and Etta – and then Aldean and Everton – too fabulous. Thanks for visiting. Have a great week!!!

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  5. I’ve always loved it that my dear friend is named Genesis 🙂 And my other friend has an uncle named Adair. I love unusual names and I love Jen’s books! 🙂 Thank you for doing this interview, it was fun to read!

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  6. My g-grandmother had a rather unusual name – Corena. I do a great deal of genealogy and have not come across that otherwise. Always enjoy Jen’s books!

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  7. I love the names of Jen’s characters too. My name is not unique, but I just met a new friend whose name is davina. I think that is pretty unique.

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  8. My oldest daughter’s name isn’t necessarily unique, but for the spelling. I spell it with two l’s instead of one, Mellissa. She always complained when she was growing up about not finding anything like pens and pencils with her name on them spelled her way. Oops, my bad. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone.

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    1. Hi Debbie! Yeah, that can be a pain when you can’t find your name printed on things. But as she get’s older, she won’t care as much! Good luck with the giveaway!


    2. I well remember looking for those very pencils, Debbie – although it wasn’t like Jennifer was such an unusual name but they never seemed to have my name in stock – my son, Dominic, had the same problem, but he didn’t seem too bothered by it, what with him being a guy and all 🙂 Thanks for visiting!!!

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  9. I recently had an invitation to an event by someone named Layklyn. I thought that was pretty unique. it was certainly the first time I heard of this name.

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  10. I love Jen’s books. She bring so much to each of the characters. Each has such personality. A name that you really don’t see much anymore is Carmela. That was my grandmothers name.

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    1. I love the name Carmela, Cynthia – my husband had a great aunt by that name and I always wondered why that name went out of fashion – it’s just so delightful. Have a great week!!!

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  11. My grandmother’s real name was Fortunada when she came over from Italy. When she started school, the teacher decided she didn’t like that name and called her Bertha. That is the name on her gravestone that she went by for the rest of her life!


    1. What a great story, Diane – my father-in-law was named Dominic at birth, but when they came to this country, his mother wanted to Americanize the name so started calling him Donald – well, he didn’t like that, so took the name Frederic at some point in time –

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  12. I use to be a morning person ! I guess I don’t exactly know anyone with a unique name really.
    I love how characters take on another personal then we think they will have and its always fun
    when that happens.
    Linda Marie
    Faithful Acres Books

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    1. I have to admit that I’m not always amused at first when my characters aren’t behaving, Linda 🙂 But, after I slog my way through to the very end, I normally forgive them – if I end up liking the story 🙂 Thanks for visiting!!!

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  13. My name isn’t terribly unique but it’s not all that common either. It was pretty cool to discover a Christian author with the same first name (Mindy) who sent me an autographed book of hers.

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    1. How fun is that, Mindy??? I once ran across a Jennifer at this crazy book-signing thing I did at a convention and…I spelled her name wrong – hahahaha – Thanks for sharing!!!

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    1. Welcome, Holli!
      My sister’s name is Holly. I like your sons name. I have a friend with the last name of Case. But you are correct, I’ve not met a Kase before. It’s nice!! Thank you for stopping by and entering the giveaway!


  14. I love fall too, boots and pumpkin spice with colorful leaves ;).
    My grandfather father’s name was Isabel, which sounds weird for a male. However I’m Hispanic, I hear names Roberta for female, Guadalupe for male. It’s a thing lol 😂.

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  15. No, my name is pretty run of the mill…Robin, but I love it anyway. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the interview, CAUGHT BY SURPRISE excerpt & giveaway with us! rw620 AT aol DOT com

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  16. So I was starting to think I didn’t know anyone with a unique name and then I laughed at myself because one of my sisters has a unique name. I guess I don’t think of it as being unique right off, having grown up with her! Her name is Jeané. Look up the song La Belle Jeane by the Bay City Rollers. 🙂

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  17. I think my name is pretty unique – Chanel. I loved growing up and hearing my name referenced with Coco Chanel and the perfume. My childhood nickname in school was Chanel #5.

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  18. My name is very common, but my mom told me I was named after a Great Grandmother whose name was Carriebelle. I’m happy they stuck with Karen. My best friend growing up was Navajo and had a cool last name, I thought: Coonfield.

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