Cody couldn’t be more opposite from Natalie.
When Natalie arrives in Belle Fourche with her ailing father and three wayward brothers, she’s forced to throw herself upon the mercy of her only remaining family—the Olesons—at the Broken Circle O. While her father rests, Natalie is excited to meet an ornery man with deep, gray eyes, and a missing leg. She’s certain that if he’ll agree to let her father fashion a prosthetic limb for him, the familiar work will help her father recuperate. But getting Cody Hammond to agree to anything proves more difficult than she first imagined. Will she be able to win him over before it’s too late for her father?

A chip on his shoulder isn’t easy to bear.
Cody Hammond lives a quiet, ordered life, until one day an unfamiliar woman rushes into the bank where he works and threatens to disrupt everything. The more Natalie pushes her way into Cody’s life, the more she makes him think about a past he’s worked hard to forget. He’s determined to keep her away, but even his best isn’t enough to scare off the enigmatic and beautiful Natalie.

  Saved by Grace (Brothers of Belle Fourche #4)

My Thoughts:

This is my fourth visit to Belle Fourche and I find every visit just as enjoyable as the one before.  I have greatly enjoyed reading this series of stories from author Kari Trumbo. This time I enjoyed listening to the audiobook. I quickly found myself talking to the characters as if they could hear me.

When I first started this story I found Cody Hammond a grumpy, man. One that seemed happier left alone to his own devices, and I was quite happy to just leave him alone. However, the more I read and got to know the “real” Cody Hammond I grew to understand him and before long found myself cheering for him! He fits the description of a misunderstood hero to a T.

I just wanted to hug sweet Natalie and tell her that everything would work out okay. She has such a big heart. She longs to help her father and wants to do what is right by her unruly brothers. Then she meets Cody. True to her big-hearted nature, she takes him under her wing.

These characters are sure to bring a smile to your face and warm your heart in the most unassuming ways. While you can read this story as a stand-alone, there are characters from previous stories that have minor roles. I would recommend reading previous stories because they are all just so very enjoyable!

(I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. I am not required to write a positive review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.)

About the Author:

KariTrumbo I am an author of Christian Historical Romance novels. My first series, Western Vows is comprised of a prequel Forsaking All Others, then To Honor and Cherish, For Richer or Poorer, and To Love and Comfort. The settings are Kansas and northern Minnesota/Canadian border. If you are a lover of historical romance, especially clean historical romance, please follow my newsletter to be updated on what’s coming!

Kari Trumbo is one of four authors in the best-selling Cutter’s Creek series. She writes Christian Historical Romance and is a stay-at-home mom to four vibrant children. When she isn’t writing or editing, she homeschools her children and pretends to keep up with them. Kari loves reading, listening to contemporary Christian music, singing when no one’s listening and curling up near the wood stove when winter hits. She makes her home in central Minnesota with her husband of almost twenty years, two daughters, two sons, three cats, and one hungry wood stove.

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