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Today I am excited to be featuring The Painted Castle (The Lost Castle #3) by Kristy Cambron. I fell into this book, and I didn’t want to leave! I loved every moment I spent in the pages of this captivating book! CLICK HERE to read my full review.


Present day
O’Connell Street, Lower Dublin, Ireland

          “Who is that, an’ why does he keep comin’ in here night after night, ooglin’ ye from across our pub?”


What do you think reader friends? Is it love at first sight? or a crazy stalker situation? Hmm.. I’ll never tell!!  Do be sure to snag a copy of this fantastic book!!


  The Painted Castle (Lost Castle #3)


Now it’s your turn!

Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. To see what First Lines others are sharing this week head over to Hoarding Books.

First Line Fridays hosted by Hoarding Books


24 thoughts on “First Line Friday: The Painted Castle

  1. It was not the best hiding spot I had ever found, but it was, thankfully, proving quite effective.
    SECRETS and SUITORS by Joanna Barker

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  2. Seriously, can I just walk into that cover, please? I want to explore that garden! The first line is fun, too. Sounds like a good read. 🙂

    Over on my blog, I’m sharing the first line of Marisol – Spanish Rose by Elva Cobb Martin, so here I’ll share one of my favorite lines from the same book:

    Maybe he should be guarding his heart from her, protecting himself from another loss, but he’d already given too much of himself to her. His heart was no longer his to guard.

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  3. I loved this one as well!!
    Today on my blog I shared the first line from Deadly Deceit by Natalie Walters but I’m currently reading How the Light Gets In by Jolina Petersheim so I’ll share the first line from my current chapter (9) here: Elam Albrecht didn’t have many needs.” Hope you have a great weekend! Happy reading 🙂

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  4. My first lines are from Hope’s Highest Mountain by Misty Beller:
    My Darling Rachel,
    You were everything to me. You still are. Don’t ever forget that.

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  5. On my blog I’m sharing the first line from Because of You by Becky Wade, however I finished it last night and am now reading Stitched in Time by Suzanne Woods Fisher. I’ll share the first line of that book here. “It took a lot to shock Luke Schrock.”

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  6. Happy Friday! My first line is from Wyatt: The Montana Marshalls” by Susan May Warren:

    “Usually Wyatt, goalie for the Minnesota Blue Ox NHL team, could shrug off his mistakes.”

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  7. Great minds, Trisha!

    Happy Saturday!

    Yesterday on my blog I shared the first line from The Painted Castle by Kristy Cambron: https://christianfictiongirl.blog/2019/10/17/first-line-friday-106/. I’m currently reading Always Look Twice by Elizabeth Goddard, so I’ll share a line from that book.

    “For some reason he would never understand, Heath always ended up assisting someone in the direst of circumstances.”

    Hope you’re having a good weekend! 🙂❤📖

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