No one in the quaint town of West Yellowstone, Montana knows that unassuming geography teacher Keira Knudsen moonlights as sensational travel blogger Kat Wanderfull. No one, that is, except for her first love, Robbie Matthews, who has just discovered the woman he is falling for online is the same one that broke his heart five years ago.

But Robbie has another problem: the mother of his daughter, Anabelle, has resurfaced after a three-year absence determined to rip Anabelle away from him. Robbie needs a steady paycheck for a chance at custody, and now, on the eve of a grand adventure that could give Keira a chance to flee her old, troubled life once and for all, she is in need of assistance.

With so much broken trust between them, Keira and Robbie must keep an arms-length away to make this partnership work. But the more time they spend together, exploring majestic places and sharing new experiences, the closer they get–until their secrets and dreams threaten to cost them everything.

This Wandering Heart (Madison River Romance #1)

My Thoughts:

I immensely enjoyed this dynamic story of love lost and found, of faith and finding ones true self amid the challenges that life brings. Every time I picked up the book, I felt like I walked right into the heart of the story and traveled the distance alongside the characters. I didn’t just read the story on the page, I lived it.

I enjoyed the witty banter between the characters and found myself talking out loud to them on more than one occasion.  The characters grow and learn things about not only themselves but others. I felt like each scene is meaningful and well written inviting the reader to not only participate, but to evaluate how they would handle the situation.

One-hundred times better than any romantic drama movie you could hope to find. This Wandering Heart is a story that envelopes you and keeps you turning pages late into the night. I look forward to reading more from Janine Rosche in the future!

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About the Author:

Janine Rosche  Although I reside in Northwestern Ohio with my husband, four children, and two spoiled Labrador retrievers, I have lived and traveled all over the United States. Since each of these lovely places has stolen a piece of my heart, I write to revisit them. My stories are set in small midwestern towns, throughout historic cities, on white sand beaches, and beside majestic mountain rivers. But no matter the setting, you’ll always find inspiring characters, moving tales of redemption, and riveting romance.

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This Wandering Heart (Madison River Romance #1)



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