Girls of Faith – Dolls & Companion Stories

Girls of Faith dolls and their companion stories have been created with your girl of faith in mind. As she plays and reads she will be learning more about Jesus and her Christian heritage and beliefs. Our goal is that she will gain a better understanding of what God’s plan is for her life and that she will gain a sense of belonging and community as she reads of other girls who share similar lifestyles and experiences.

We plan to continue to expand Girls of Faith with products that will assist the special girl(s) in your life to grow closer to Jesus every day and to realize the wonderful things God wants to do through her.

 HannaDoll&BookHannah Takes A Stand

Hannah Patterson is a shy, quiet girl growing up in Groveland, Massachusetts, in the late 1800s. Hannah and her family live and work on a dairy farm owned and operated by a mean and uncaring man. In the midst of their difficult life, Hannah finds comfort in the Bible. Although she has many unanswered questions about what she reads in God’s Word, she rests in the peaceful feeling it always gives her. When Hannah witnesses a terrible crime, she learns just how much she truly depends on God. Her life is changed when God comes to her aid in a miraculous way.


AudreyDoll & BookAudrey Reaches Out

Audrey Thompson is an out-going, friendly girl who lives in southern Tennessee. When Audrey’s parents invite a new family over for lunch, it starts a chain of events that ultimately leads to the perfect opportunity for Audrey to share her faith with a new friend. Along the way, Audrey learns that although she may not have all the answers, she can make a difference in someone’s life by simply sharing the love of Jesus. With the help of her parents and siblings, Audrey gets the chance to witness the life-changing power of God.



My (book) Review:

I have long felt that we needed more Christian stories for young girls. About a week ago, a friend of mine shared with me the Girls of Faith Dolls and companion stories. After vising the web page, I reached out to the owners/creators and asked if I might review the books.

‘Hannah Takes A Stand‘ takes place in 1877 and tells the story of Hannah Patterson. On her 10th birthday she received a journal, and begins to write what her daily life is like. Hannah is growing and learning about Jesus. When she is the sole witness to a theft and told that bad things will happen to her family if she tells, Hannah is left with a difficult decision. Will she keep quiet to protect her family, or will she tell the truth and trust that God will keep her family safe? This heart-warming story is written in journal entries and gives the reader an up-close and intimate look at life in the late 1800’s through the eyes of a child. Your little girl is sure to be delighted with the doll and her story and its sure to spark her imagination for many future stories about Hannah as she plays. This story has 42 lovely pages.

‘Audrey Reaches Out’ is a modern day story about a precocious 3rd grader, Audrey Thompson. When a new girl, Trina comes to her school, she shows kindness despite the fact that Trina seems to be angry and does not want to be there. Audrey discovers that Trina recently lost her dog and feels angry at God for letting her dog die. Audrey and Trina learn through reading the story of Job with Audrey’s parents that God’s love for us doesn’t go away when bad things happen, that God loves us all the time. The girls learn that bad things happen because of sin, and that one day soon Jesus will come again and take us to heaven, and there will be no more death, no more sadness. This wonderful story will not only encourage children to be kind when they see other’s hurting, but it also helps children understand that we can trust God even when things aren’t perfect. This story has 35 pages.

These stories are sure to delight young girls and parents alike and spark imaginations for many hours of play and enjoyment. Each story features a brave young girl, who is growing and learning to know Jesus and becoming a witness for Him.

(I received a complimentary eBook for review from the owners of Girls Of Faith, at my request. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)

Kayla Kayla – coming soon!

Kayla’s story tells of a little girl with big plans for the future. She is inspired by stories her grandparents told of their missionary adventures. This story will help little girls understand that they don’t have to wait until they are grown to do big things for God. There are plenty of missionary opportunities surrounding us each day.


Meet the Doll Makers:

SaraMcCord Sara lives in Western North Carolina with her husband and three daughters. The idea to create a line of Christian dolls first came to her in 2010, when she was busy caring for her two youngest daughters who were both under the age of 14 months. The idea continued to build in her mind and several months later Sara became convicted to make the concept a reality. She began by getting council and business advice from friends. Next, Sara researched doll manufactures. (You can read more about this in Made in America) Throughout this time she worked on developing the characters and the story-lines for the books. God was leading each step of the way. The “little” miracles that have brought this project together have been many. By 2014 she had two characters and their stories ready for a market test. Using preexisting dolls, she displayed and sold them at an event in North Carolina. The positive feedback she received from the public led Sara to believe this really was something that could encourage and bless little girls and was worth pursuing further. For the past three years she and Shane have been working to develop their own original American made doll.


Shane lives in Western North Carolina with her husband and daughter. Shane agreed to do the illustrations for the Girls of Faith books in 2012. She became a co-owner in 2014 when she saw how many people were interested in the dolls at the market test event. Soon afterward she began experimenting with molding clay and within a few months she had designed and hand molded our doll head! Over the past three years Shane has worked closely with our manufacturer to develop our Girls of Faith doll.


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