Chasing Someday (Home In You #4) by Crystal Walton

A country boy looking to win his best friend’s heart. A waitress afraid of giving hers away. And one crazy, impromptu dating plan that’s about to change everything.


Ex-model Livy Hensley has exactly three talents: making coffee, landing herself in the most awkward moments known to man, and failing miserably at relationships. But when the sweetest southern boy on the planet offers to be your dating coach, who could say no? Between struggling to open a café and trying to atone for a consequence of her past, Livy can use all the help she can get. Besides, what could possibly go wrong on a few practice dates with your best friend?

Chase Thompson’s no stranger to hard work. If that’s what it takes to prove to Livy they should be together, then he’s all in. He can handle pretending he’s not hopelessly in love with her. Sort of. Almost. Okay, nowhere close. But with a conflicting solution to his family’s greatest trial on the line, the stakes of keeping his dating coach plan from backfiring have never been higher.

Up against the countdown of choices, Chase and Livy must find the courage to risk what they fear most for the someday they’ve always hoped for.

My Thoughts:

This story packs lots of emotion and captured my heart right from the start. I couldn’t put it down, because I felt invested in the lives of the characters. I just had to know what would happen next.

Livy and Chase are friends, best-friends if you were to ask Livy. Livy see’s Chase as her rock, a solid presence and a stable person that she can depend on. But she’s holding back her deepest secret for fear of what Chase would say. Will Livy find the courage to trust Chase with her past and allow a deeper relationship to grow?

Chase is such a patient, hunky-hero. From the moment he first met Livy he fell in love, yet found himself firmly in the “friend-zone”.  In a effort to get closer to Livy, Chase suggests taking Livy on “practice dates”. Chase’s cowboy charm and gentle perseverance is sure to win hearts!

This book could easily be read as a stand alone, however I’m sure you won’t want to miss out on the other delightful stories in this series.

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About the Author:

profile-pic-backmatter-min  Crystal Walton received her bachelor of arts from Messiah College in PA, married her exact opposite in upstate NY, and earned her master of arts from Regent University in VA, where she currently resides with her husband, David.

Crystal writes relevant, inspirational romances with humor, broken characters, and emotional plots full of grace and hope. When not working her accounting day job, she’s delving into the wonder of words, supporting her Starbucks habit, or laughing over movie quotes & singing eighties songs with her husband.

Crystal would love to connect with you at:

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  Chasing Someday (Home In You #4)

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Each book in the Home In You Series is a standalone and can be read separately. However, I recommend reading the books in order to follow the overall timeline.